For those of you who have known Black Lights from trio to five piece, you will know that Black Lights sound has progressed at an alarming rate. Each track in their arsenal these days tells a story and charts how far they have all come in such a short space of time.

One of the main strengths of the band besides the people who work so very hard off the stage for them is the band itself, they have such a strong work ethic and they all seem like a family unit with a great bond. This translates through their music and the way they apply their trade on stage.

There was a deafening electricity as I walked through the door to the launch for Black Lights new EP Four Wall. Their following throughout the years has swelled massively, this was highlighted by the venue, Manchester Academy 3 being sold out weeks before the gig.

Black Lights looked like they belonged on that stage and from start to finish they had the crowd in the palm of their hand through the musicianship and charisma of the collective. They moved us all left then right, through every track, every note. The band seamlessly touched on older material to present material then gave the fans a real treat with two exclusively new songs.

The audience showed their appreciation by screaming loud and hoisting each other on shoulders just to get closer to the band as they commanded the stage.

Tunes like ‘In the Dark,’ ‘I Need Some Time’ and ‘The River’ were great tracks live and massive crowd pleasers. When the new material from the Four Walls EP was unleashed, in particular ‘Do You Understand’, the gig took off even more. It was like everyone realised that this was the start of something special. Black Lights are here to stay and I suggest everyone gets on what they are doing.

Great original tracks, even better banter on the stage. The band has all the ingredients to be the full package; all that we can do is wait and see. Continue to watch them play to bigger crowds as well as more sell out gigs, but still keeping with what makes them such unique and popular musical entity. There are some interesting ideas in the pipeline for the band so keep a watchful and sharp ear to the ground so it does not pass you by.

Words by Danni Skerritt


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