Patterns, The Deaf Institute, Manchester, Live
Armed with a pair of early 90s 3-D glasses, in unison the crowd gathered within The Deaf Institute duly positioned the paper spectacles upon their faces as Manchester inditronica quartet Patterns took to the stage. Patterns have an idiosyncratic manner to their live performances. The music that underpins them is extensive; passages of capricious synth […]
Billy Lockett, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, Live
  There are two sides to the aptitude of alternative pop singer Billy Lockett. Manchester’s Ruby Lounge saw both. Kindling alliances to indie pop outfit Bastille, Lockett’s approach is bonded by a novel lust of capturing liberating piano progressions fused by vehement drum rhythmns and Lockett’s compelling, characteristic vocal delivery. ‘I Don’t Think I Can’ […]
Peace, The Deaf Institute, Manchester, Live
Worcester born outfit Peace shouldn’t be performing in venues as small as Manchester’s Deaf Institute. Fact. Their insatiable lust for a spirit heightening motif has all but secured their status as one of the country’s primary hook generators. Add to this their undying fusion of psychedelic coloured indie rock – the countless progressions that repeatedly […]
Glass Animals, Gorilla, Manchester, Live
They are rapidly becoming one of Britain’s most evocative of group. They already sell-out venues across the world and have a ardent following in Australia and Belgium. They are even produced by Adele hit-maker Paul Epworth. So what makes Oxford’s Glass Animals so damned appealing? There is a lustrous, youthful appeal that fluctuates throughout the nucleus […]
The Cribs, The Ritz, Manchester, Live
It says a lot about the regard held for a group when lanky rockers, steroid abusing former athletes, prom queens and shy students all come together to bask in the beauty of individuality. No other place on earth would a squad of admiring humans connect. But for all the fervid followers of Britain’s most brutal […]
Fryars, Gorilla, Manchester, Live
Hatched by the electro wits of Londoner Benjamin Garrett, Fryars is truly a nostalgic impression of a narcotic fuelled 70s existence. Flavoured with Nile Rodgers shaking guitar themes embellished with crisp vocal harmonies that lends the ear to a voguish crossover between Supertramp and the Electric Light Orchestra, every song that perfuses throughout Manchester’s subterranean […]
Amber Run, Deaf Institute, Manchester, Live
Wittingly opting to brand themselves with a name that intentionally has no apparent nuances, Nottingham based pop-rockers Amber Run’s quest to generate a flavour of music that endures as much as it explores is beginning to prosper. One look at their self-penned facebook bio sums it up. “[We]‘d rather be timeless than cool. We’re not […]
Pangaea, Manchester, Live
A disconnected maze of mayhem and melodies landed within Manchester’s student union quarters as Pangaea – Europe’s biggest student run festival – landed on a cold, wintry Saturday night. ‘Space Odyssey’ was the flavour and Manchester’s roistering batch of exam-free students went to town on it. Cue tin foil antennas adorning a sea of green […]
Bombay Bicycle Club, Apollo Theatre, Manchester, Live
With a billing that represented something closer to a less seedy NME Awards Tour showcase, Britain’s favourite art-rocking outfit Bombay Bicycle Club played to a packed out Manchester’s Apollo Theatre. Brazen drama and urgency entangled with a carnival flavoured evening allowing Bombay Bicycle Club to cement their status as the best alternative mob. And what […]
The Orwells, Academy 3, Manchester, Live
Onslaughts of assaulting post-punk suffused guitars, tirades of crocheted musings and a front-man as severely malformed as a bombed Iggy Pop, Illinois garage-rock quintet The Orwells left a battered dishevelled mess of a calling card underneath the tattered converse of a newly christened, spirit fuelled biology student at the front of Manchester’s Academy 3. Unified […]