Alabama Shakes, Apollo Theatre, Manchester, Live
President Obama’s musical opinion is as well respected as some of his policies. Al Green; Jay Z; Alabama Shakes. His taste is leaps and bounds ahead of the likes of David Cameron, Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel; although there are rumours of a Shine 2009 affection for all three. Saturday night Manchester welcomed the latter. […]
Frankie & the Heartstrings, Night & Day Cafe, Manchester, Live
With a name that suggests a reincarnated, hair slicked group of teddy boys, Sunderland outfit Frankie & the Heartstrings – although clearly opposed to this styling through their alternative facade – do offer an air of 50s revivalists within their twominutesomething bursts of enthusing indie pop. All in abundance at Manchester’s Night & Day Cafe. […]
Spring King, Gullivers, Manchester, Live
Spring King’s last jaunt in the Cottonpolis comprised of an ill-fated Halloween party. Minus the costumes, but preserving their punk fashion power, Northern Quarter’s Gullivers housed the outfit with ear damaging impact. Spring King release their twominutesomething tracks with suppressed vigour; viciously stinging through their distinctly pre-Beetlebum Britpop blend of strident punk and hook savvy […]
Blur: A Picturebook Journey
I used to laugh at my dad when he’d glowingly regale me with tales of Beatlemania like it was only last week. His refusal to stray beyond the 1960’s befuddled me. With so much interesting music on offer since then, why would you stay put? Then Blur return with The Magic Whip. The twelve-year absence […]
Charlotte OC, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, Live
In a throwback to the days when fresh artists used to tour the country extensively on unsigned music nights, promoters Communion rekindled this notion with their new tour New Faces. Tenterhook, Freddie Dickson, Frances and Charlotte OC joined forces at The Ruby Lounge. Below Quenched music picks its two favourite from the night’s show… Berkshire […]
Circa Waves, The Ritz, Manchester, Live
“Four lads from Liverpool” is a label that vents an atypically low number of assorted connotations. The world is so aware of the expansive impact Merseyside had on shaping and shifting music during the early 60s, that phrases such as this have become almost instantaneous with their reactionary undertone. Attempting to swap the Wirral for […]
James Bay, Albert Hall, Manchester, Live
James Bay – Albert Hall – Manchester – 11th April 2015 Under the glow of the Albert Hall, Manchester saluted the latest in Britain’s ceasless conveyor belt of internationally acclaimed troubadours. Ed Sheeran. Ben Howard. Hozier. The perpetual ecstacy – habitually shaded with seeds of wretched satisfaction – crafted by British artists at present is […]
Patterns, The Deaf Institute, Manchester, Live
Armed with a pair of early 90s 3-D glasses, in unison the crowd gathered within The Deaf Institute duly positioned the paper spectacles upon their faces as Manchester inditronica quartet Patterns took to the stage. Patterns have an idiosyncratic manner to their live performances. The music that underpins them is extensive; passages of capricious synth […]
Billy Lockett, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, Live
  There are two sides to the aptitude of alternative pop singer Billy Lockett. Manchester’s Ruby Lounge saw both. Kindling alliances to indie pop outfit Bastille, Lockett’s approach is bonded by a novel lust of capturing liberating piano progressions fused by vehement drum rhythmns and Lockett’s compelling, characteristic vocal delivery. ‘I Don’t Think I Can’ […]
Peace, The Deaf Institute, Manchester, Live
Worcester born outfit Peace shouldn’t be performing in venues as small as Manchester’s Deaf Institute. Fact. Their insatiable lust for a spirit heightening motif has all but secured their status as one of the country’s primary hook generators. Add to this their undying fusion of psychedelic coloured indie rock – the countless progressions that repeatedly […]