The Watchmakers, Night & Day Cafe, Preview
Even before The Last Shadow Puppets released their exacting self-titled debut in April 2008, the distinct well-tailored and trimmed style which evoked flashbacks to a time just before love was free has been engulfing our country’s emerging musicians. From The Draytones to The Pipettes, the exciting stylisations that become ever more pronounced seem to destined […]
The Diamond Formation, All the way (we’re england), interview
English football. A country of despondent underachievers or a nation brainwashed into believing that it’s finally our time to sit aloft the heady heights of world football once more? Regardless of opinion one aspect that continually ignites the English passion inside each and every one of us is the England football song. Who doesn’t want […]
RY X, Green man festival, preview
Often remembered for his nerve-wrenching hit ‘Berlin’ – notable for its inclusion in Sony’s latest TV advertising campaign – the Australian born RY X is heading back to the UK this summer with a string of festival dates. The electro-crooner is highly acclaimed among his peers and audiences alike as his brand of mournfully bleak, experimental […]
Sound City Festival, Preview, Live
As the days until Liverpool’s Sound City Festival continue to diminish, Quenched Music caught up with the festival’s CEO Dave Pichillingi to discuss the three day music extravaganza, the future of music festivals and his ones to watch over the weekend. How do you pick the artists to represent Sound City? We have a team […]
Little Matador, Live, Preview
Placing his commercially viable alternative power pop outfit Snow Patrol on hiatus, guitarist Nathan Connolley is taking new indie ‘supergroup’ Little Matador out with a string of dates across the UK. But this is where the Snow Patrol comparisons disintegrate. Finished. Let havoc ensue. Inspired by Sandra Jordan’s 2012 documentary on Mexican infant bullfighters, Little Matador […]
Bipolar Sunshine, Manchester Academy 2 – April 5, Preview
Fuzzy black hair edged loosely to the right. Circular orange tinted glasses held tightly up his nose. Occasional flowery shirt.  Adio Marchant is instantly recognisable. Once a member of notorious Manchester ska rockers Kid British, in 2013 Adio and his troupe called it a day. Out of the darkness rose Bipolar Sunshine. Taking his new […]
Xpress campaign: Master and the Pupil
Ken Garland is one of the most respected and important British designers in over the last fifty years and a hero of mine. Everyone we’ve spoken to so far has been wonderful, but when you talk about Ken Garland, you’re talking about a free spirit, someone who understood the balance of paying your way in […]
The Real Danny Dyer
Everyone has preconceptions of famous people in an age of celebrity obsession, when lives are lived so publicly, but I wanted to see what Danny Dyer was like, off screen, for myself. Quenched Music’s Xpress campaign is about creativity empowering individuals and Mr.Dyer’s own story had to be one worth hearing, right? We meet Danny […]
Stephen Merchant: The Xpress Interview
It is hard to keep track of Stephen Merchant’s fast pace of creative output. His prolific work in film, television, writing, broadcasting and comedy have been wildly successful. Perhaps best known for his work on British comedy classic The Office and Extras alongside friend and co-writer Ricky Gervais, his recent stand-up comedy tour, Hello Ladies, […]
Jon McClure: Reverend and the Makers, Interview
Sheffield’s Reverend and The Makers' third studio album is the first to be named after a band’s Twitter handle - @Reverend_Makers – which recently reached number 16 in the UK charts...