UNITING the sounds of Istanbul-born sound designer Basak Gunak – aka Ah! Kosmos – and the towering tones of vocalist LAFAWNDAH, new track ‘From The Land Below, which dropped on March 3, is a stunning union that demonstrates why these women are two of the most promising talents around. With Gunak’s crisp orchestrations that delve […]
A SONG hasn’t typified a generation in under two-minutes as confidently as SisterRay’s new track ‘Fast Food’ since fellow London rascals The Rakes released ’22 Grand Job’ in 2005. Twelve-years on since The Rakes garnered that hit, and perhaps all that has developed is the speed in which we devour our money. Whether it be […]
Sooner or Later, Brasstronaut, Single, Recorded
FOR ten years, Vancouver six-piece Brasstronaut have been exploring musical grounds like a rootless jongleurs; unhappy to define themselves by a sound. This has seen the outfit shift between aching indie rock and Afrobeat without the slightest hint of laxity. But after meandering between the genres, it appears Brasstronaut has finally found a happy ground […]
Stretch Your Eyes, Agnes Obel, Single Review, Recorded
IF folk-artist Agnes Obel – Copenhagen’s consistently brilliant daughter – and her new release ‘Citizen Of Glass’ showed a continuation of the divergent sound-scapes that has turned the 36-year-old into Denmark’s most important modern star, then new single ‘Stretch Your Eyes’ is the pre-climax to whatever finale she wants to complete. Without doubt, ‘Stretch Your […]
Blur: A Picturebook Journey
I used to laugh at my dad when he’d glowingly regale me with tales of Beatlemania like it was only last week. His refusal to stray beyond the 1960’s befuddled me. With so much interesting music on offer since then, why would you stay put? Then Blur return with The Magic Whip. The twelve-year absence […]
The Watchmakers, To Be Part of You, Preview
“One of the juiciest psych-rock delights you could pluck from the music playing fields of the UK right now” – (Louder Than War)   “Imagine if Noel Gallagher’s solo record had actually been willing to cut loose and explore its boundaries, and you might be arriving somewhere near to their sound” – (Drowned In Sound)   “The […]
Kate Miller-Heidke, Offer It Up, Recorded
“I’m sick of turning it down, I’m sick of holding it in, I’m sick of tip toeing around, quietly bleeding,” is hardly the libretto assumed from a well drilled, operatic vocalist from Brisbane. But Kate Miller-Heidke is hardly one for adopting stereotypes. Excelling with degrees from Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Miller-Heidke dropped the classical facade […]
Dirty North, The Freestyle EP, Recorded
Mike Skinner once said “I always imagined that there’d be someone who would call out if I talked about something I didn’t know and I didn’t know my Moet from my Perignon.” And it is a line that sticks. While half of Manchester attempt to fixate on governmental proceedings with politically charged anecdotes that are […]
Lady Neptune, Destroys The Moon EP, Recorded
Please excuse the Marmite cliché, but it feels apt here… ‘Destroys The Moon’ is the second release from Lady Neptune (the alter ego of London-based musician and visual artist Moema Meade) and, quite frankly, you’re either going to love it or hate it. The bedroom-produced five-track EP is a concept record full of fuzzy punk-tinged […]
The Otherness, Come On EP, Recorded
The Otherness are one of a kind – a hybrid between indie and 50’s rock and roll. Though they sound like Americans, having been raised with their grandparent’s music and adding a bit of an alternative sound to it, the band is originally from Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. ‘Come On’ is an EP made of fours […]