Lady Neptune, Destroys The Moon EP, Recorded
Please excuse the Marmite cliché, but it feels apt here… ‘Destroys The Moon’ is the second release from Lady Neptune (the alter ego of London-based musician and visual artist Moema Meade) and, quite frankly, you’re either going to love it or hate it. The bedroom-produced five-track EP is a concept record full of fuzzy punk-tinged […]
The Otherness, Come On EP, Recorded
The Otherness are one of a kind – a hybrid between indie and 50’s rock and roll. Though they sound like Americans, having been raised with their grandparent’s music and adding a bit of an alternative sound to it, the band is originally from Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. ‘Come On’ is an EP made of fours […]
Too Cool Kid, The Algernon EP, Recorded
Too Cool Kid is a mysterious UK rock band that appeared with ‘The Algernon’. Made out of three excellent tracks, this EP is their first successful step into the industry.  ‘Under Your Breath’, the first single, has a super catchy rhythm. It has an amazing rock sound with lots of bass guitar. The warm, slightly […]
Kismet Ryding, Look.See.Don’t.Trip. EP, Recorded
The new EP from dynamic foursome Kismet Ryding is a 6-track roller-coaster ride packed with frantic guitar riffs, frenzied drum beats and vivacious vocals. It demands your full attention from the opening bars of the first track, which slap you upside the head and shake you by the shoulders, and it doesn’t let go until […]
The Riddles ‘Hit London Shoreditch’, Coalesce, Feat Izzy Lee-Poulton Single, Recorded
The Riddles by name riddles by nature (I promise that’s as cheesy as it gets folks). Firstly Jack Watts and Ben Fallows are an electronica duo based in Bristol, where this scene has flourished for years, giving these very talented individuals a great platform to showcase their work. As you may realise this is not […]
The Ruby’s, Sell The Sun At Once & Silhouettes, Recorded
Nigel Carter revisits The Ruby’s Summer of 2013… Looking back on 2012’s successful album, ‘Limelight Parasite’, and the subsequent single, ‘Shake You Free’, I am reminded on The Ruby’s and their superlative singles that carried on the theme of the twisted and contrived love theme that still sees them as musically and lyrically one of […]
Little Sleeps, Big Awake EP, Recorded
As tag lines go ‘Baby leopard eats little, sleeps all the time’ could perhaps be my favourite. And as bands billed under unassuming taglines go electronic Liverpudlian duo Little Sleeps are certainly strolling in the right direction. Labeling themselves as the result of ‘2 people who geek out in a room’, Gary Burton and Genevieve […]
Glass Tides, All That I Know EP, Recorded
Picture it… Sunset. An empty beach. A young man (or woman) sits staring out to sea as waves crash against the rocks and lap at their feet. There’s sadness in their eyes, but there’s anger in their heart. They’re struggling to come to terms with the events of earlier that day and are torn between […]
Nick Raven, Love & Lomography, Recorded
Nick Raven, an artist coming highly recommended by our American counterpart’s, returns with LP, ‘Love & Lomography’, the follow up to debut EP, ‘Happy You Hippie Me’, released in 2011. The album, released by Powertool Records and Custom Made Music, is in much the same style as the EP, but there seems to be a […]
Happyness, Happyness EP, Recorded
The phrase ‘Happyness’ may evoke more heart wrenching memories of Chris Gardner’s inspirational book ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, which nobly depicts the harrowing story of how one man made it to making his millions, after a series of challenging, yet crushing blows begin to take their toll on a man pushed to his limits. But […]