FOR SOMETIME, Charlotte Mary O’Connor – aka Charlotte OC – has been the electro-soulstress on the cusp of brilliance. Her 2013 track ‘Colour My Heart’ remains one of the darkened pop classics that finally distanced her from the bratty pop career Sony had once dreamt she would have. And in the four-years since, critics, fans […]
NOT SINCE Sigur Rós landed in 1997 with their maiden release ‘Von’, has a debut album created such an anthemic buzz that every shard of the body quakes in sorrow, ectascy and electricity. And within minutes of London trio Mt Wolf’s ‘Aetherlight’ the very nature of the listener’s spirituality and existence is bought to question. […]
IT’S been three-years since alternative outfit Happyness became our favourite dejected youngsters with 2014’s ‘Weird Little Sister’, and now as the Londoners return with ‘In Write’ the adolescent euphoria has become mature beauty. Whereas previously Happyness were about dysfunctional lyrics and sobering melodies, the space now filled by the trio represents something closer to the […]
Dirty Freud’s Inside the Industry, Feature
In the first of a series of articles written for Quenched Music, DJ and producer DIRTY FREUD talks about his life within the industry. Here, the musician looks at the role of ghost writers. As a young musician, I felt that ‘ghostwriting’ was a dirty pairing of words. Why would anyone want to create music […]
The LaFontaines, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, Live
Business should scarcely be left in the hands of a group of Motherwell based miscreants. Even less so when it comes to the budget. The LaFontaines – quintessential outfit affiliating the hardened imagery of a pleasant Beastie Boys meet resounding Twin Atlantic refrains – are fortunate enough to be at the augmenting phase of their […]
Alabama Shakes, Apollo Theatre, Manchester, Live
President Obama’s musical opinion is as well respected as some of his policies. Al Green; Jay Z; Alabama Shakes. His taste is leaps and bounds ahead of the likes of David Cameron, Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel; although there are rumours of a Shine 2009 affection for all three. Saturday night Manchester welcomed the latter. […]
Bryan Ferry, The Palace Theatre, Manchester, Live
Born of out London in early 1971, art rock troop Roxy Music and their principle singer/songwriter Bryan Ferry ushered in the early beginnings of the counter-charge against the nation’s waning interest of the now tired ‘Swinging Sixties’. Dropping the herbal temptation and inner-politics that embroiled that decade, Ferry and his group became leviathans of the […]
Patterns, The Deaf Institute, Manchester, Live
Armed with a pair of early 90s 3-D glasses, in unison the crowd gathered within The Deaf Institute duly positioned the paper spectacles upon their faces as Manchester inditronica quartet Patterns took to the stage. Patterns have an idiosyncratic manner to their live performances. The music that underpins them is extensive; passages of capricious synth […]
Kate Boy, Soup Kitchen, Manchester
Swedish based trio, Kate Boy have unveiled the highly anticipated video for forthcoming single ‘Self Control’ today as they also announce a string of UK tour dates.  Kate Boy have taken control of the reigns once again with their latest video, giving fans a sneak peek into their Stockholm studio environment, recording a live version of the new single ‘Self Control’ […]
The Besnard Lakes, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, Live
Known as the “Lake of Many Islands”, Besnard Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada covers over 188 miles of idyllic, Elysian shorelines where visitors are encouraged to capture the finest in Northern ocean delights including Pike and Walleye fish. The expansive landscapes – although on first look suggest an air of vividity – are quite unparalleled in […]