Black Lights, Manchester Academy 3, Live Review
For those of you who have known Black Lights from trio to five piece, you will know that Black Lights sound has progressed at an alarming rate. Each track in their arsenal these days tells a story and charts how far they have all come in such a short space of time. One of the […]
The Riddles ‘Hit London Shoreditch’, Coalesce, Feat Izzy Lee-Poulton Single, Recorded
The Riddles by name riddles by nature (I promise that’s as cheesy as it gets folks). Firstly Jack Watts and Ben Fallows are an electronica duo based in Bristol, where this scene has flourished for years, giving these very talented individuals a great platform to showcase their work. As you may realise this is not […]
Skutch Manos, Mimosa, Album Review
“Stunning” and labelled something which “has to be seen to believed” are stiff paraphrases all musicians wish to be associated with, especially if they come from some of the local scene’s staunchest of hipster hotspots. For many a fantasy. But for Manchester instrumental act Skutch Manos, these stereotypical sentiments are a reality. Infusing a modern, […]
Embers, Ruby Lounge, Manchester, Live Review
It’s a bitterly cold evening up North but in the warmth of the Ruby Lounge a special gig featuring 3 brand new bands is taking place in aid of Warchild. Camp Stag are first up – their emotive indie is one of those feet and heart things with tracks like the anthemic  ‘Sirens’  with its […]
Komla, Komla EP, Review
This London three piece Komla call themselves “musical chameleons.” At first I had to wonder precisely what is meant by this: are the different colours that they take on with regard to tempo, genre, instrument? Or perhaps the change occurs in their audible tones or tempers? A listen to their tunes provides an answer, giving […]
Little Green Cars, Soup Kitchen, Manchester, Live Review
Hailing from Dublin, Little Green Cars make their way across the Irish Sea for their first UK headline tour. Accompanied by fellow Dubliners Gypsies On The Autobahn, everything was set for a enthralling experience. The show was sold out, yet the room was slightly empty initially. As the minutes passed by more people would trickle […]
Ian Skelly, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, Live Review
Now, in the game we sometime journalists like to call reviewing, you get to see your fair share of great live music. Manchester has been graceful enough to open its doors time and time again, allowing us folk of the Internet press to scrutinise and swoon over the sublime and the surreal. And tonight’s entertainment? […]
The Rifles, Academy 2, Manchester, Live Review
On the brink of releasing album number four (None The Wiser), which will come eight years after the release of their first album, it was evident from the crowd in Manchester Academy 2 that The Rifles still have that same hardcore following they did back in 2006. With a busy on looking crowd, most sporting […]
Young War, Rose Gold EP, Review
Since it first originated as rhythm and blues in the 1940s, R&B has changed significantly. In my lifetime, I’ve known it as the pop-oriented sound of the 80s (a’la SOS Band, DeBarge, Loose Ends and others), the more hip-hop laced yet smooth sound of the early/mid-90s (Jodeci, Blackstreet, R Kelly et al), and the heavily […]