Bombay Bicycle Club, Apollo Theatre, Manchester, Live
With a billing that represented something closer to a less seedy NME Awards Tour showcase, Britain’s favourite art-rocking outfit Bombay Bicycle Club played to a packed out Manchester’s Apollo Theatre. Brazen drama and urgency entangled with a carnival flavoured evening allowing Bombay Bicycle Club to cement their status as the best alternative mob. And what […]
Temples, The Ritz, Manchester, Live
Straight from the feedback crunched chaos permeating from James Edward Bagshaw’s brutal guitar through ‘Sun Structures’, the resolute conjecture infiltrating the glowing atmosphere within Manchester’s The Ritz that something fierce was to be witnessed rose. With notable admirers including Johnny Marr and Noel Gallagher – the latter even publicly berating the BBC for a blatant lack […]
Los Campesinos!, Sound Control, Manchester, Live
For an outfit five albums into an eight year career, you could surmise that the type of venue they should chose to infiltrate would surely be more substantial than the realms of which they last invaded when coming back into the city. The days of hustling to empty seats, tired bar staff and ear-busted, Nirvana […]
Ben Howard, Apollo Theatre, Manchester, Live
To the many beguiled Ben Howard adherents infiltrating the senescent grounds of Manchester’s Apollo Theatre, there was a sense of muted anticipation fluctuating throughout as they queued coldly to enter. Astoundingly two and a half hours later, some left crestfallen. Bear in mind how Howard’s stock has risen so dramatically since his debut album ‘Every […]
The Wytches, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, Live
Hallucinatory skeletons padded out with contorted industrial guitars, barrages of severe broken beats and dejected carped musings probably go someway to explaining why American traditional pop singer Jo Stafford treated “the world as a pile of grunge.” Integrating these cruel realities of a forlorn existence with a collage of forceful sounds is Peterborough rock outfit […]
Chas & Dave, The Ritz, Manchester, Live
“They need educating,” chief boogie woogie pianist and part brain of infamous 70′s duo Chas & Dave, Chas Hodges declares. “I’m always asked do you go down North of the border because of our brand of music. We go down well wherever. We played Glasgow recently and we had two thousand Glaswegians singing along to […]
The Orwells, Academy 3, Manchester, Live
Onslaughts of assaulting post-punk suffused guitars, tirades of crocheted musings and a front-man as severely malformed as a bombed Iggy Pop, Illinois garage-rock quintet The Orwells left a battered dishevelled mess of a calling card underneath the tattered converse of a newly christened, spirit fuelled biology student at the front of Manchester’s Academy 3. Unified […]
Little Dragon, Albert Hall, Manchester, Live
Depicted as ‘Little London’ in the primitive days of the nineteenth century, Gothenburg, Sweden has remained an urbane emporium, distributing and stimulating artistic endeavours across the world to critical and commercial toleration. Ace of Base, The Knife and Jose Gonzalez all triumphed after removing themselves from the sheltered West Coast shores of their sparse native […]
The Watchmakers, To Be Part of You, Preview
“One of the juiciest psych-rock delights you could pluck from the music playing fields of the UK right now” – (Louder Than War)   “Imagine if Noel Gallagher’s solo record had actually been willing to cut loose and explore its boundaries, and you might be arriving somewhere near to their sound” – (Drowned In Sound)   “The […]
Lykke Li, Albert Hall, Manchester, Live
Throughout the last decade Sweden has become the stimulation hub for musical virtuosity spanning all genres and stylistic inclination. From the aching electronic disdain encountered whilst experiencing the quaking tones of Gothenburg outfit Little Dragon to the progressive e-cigarette soundtracker Avicii, the inexorable experimental shackles clasped upon the very identity of contemporary Swedish music is […]