Gogo Penguin, Soup Kitchen, Manchester, Live
Mercury Award nominated alternative jazz outfit Gogo Penguin prepared themselves for next week’s Channel 4 appearance with a fervent set that glanced through the staunch core of their second album ‘v2.0′ at a manic Soup Kitchen in their hometown of Manchester. An outside bet? Bollocks. I just hope the judging panel were present. Right from […]
John Newman, Apollo, Manchester, Live
Since soul singer John Newman burst onto the scene in 2012 with his intoxicating vocals searing through on Rudimental’s ‘Feel the Love’, all questions of him have been answered. Will this gruff voiced singer from Settle, North Yorkshire have the musical identity to forge a a career built on acclaim? Longevity? Sales? Two Brit Award […]
Danny & the Champions of the World, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, Live
“Learn the rules and then break them in such a way as to exercise good taste,” uttered contrived jazz symbol Sir George Shearing. Although alternative country outfit Danny and the Champions of the World (DCW) do not conform to many of the cliché images of Shearing’s principle style, it appears these remarks have festered within […]
Erland & The Carnival, Soup Kitchen, Manchester, Live
Jackson C. Frank. Scarcely a name uttered by many musical conformists. Ask them. Go on. Try it. Response? Who? You’re more likely – apparently – to hear answers closer to an Australian philosopher than a bona fide folk maverick whose only vexation was writer’s block. Well among others. But it was this American intellect who […]
Eliza and the Bear, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester
It has to be said names are often irrelevant when it comes to band branding. I mean who would really take a band trademarked as Athlete to not fashion an utterance closer to the steroid loaded tones of Pendulum as opposed to the dulcet, mainstream tempers settled within American’s The Fray. But within the ITV […]
Buzzcocks, The Ritz, Manchester, Live
“You know me – I’m acting dumb, you know the scene – very humdrum,”is hoarsely croaked out by Buzzcocks’ enduring songwriter Pete Shelley as the four piece rasp through the distortion savvy ‘Boredom’. You have to feel for them. Embracing a time when you were more likely to shuffle along to the recently formed Sex […]
The Besnard Lakes, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, Live
Known as the “Lake of Many Islands”, Besnard Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada covers over 188 miles of idyllic, Elysian shorelines where visitors are encouraged to capture the finest in Northern ocean delights including Pike and Walleye fish. The expansive landscapes – although on first look suggest an air of vividity – are quite unparalleled in […]
EofE, Apollo, Manchester, Live
“To be honest, these guys that we’re touring with, they’re not our idols. But we appreciate what we have and the opportunity we have been given,” bassist Luke Bradley fairly explained before their second UK arena tour of the year. This time rock pop act EofE are following the likes of The Vamps and Nina […]
The Horrors, Albert Hall, Manchester, Live
The Horrors are a bit like chips and gravy. A disgusting melange of oleaginous potatoes and skinning bisto slapped in a plastic tub with a blue plastic fork covered in grease inflicts nauseous bouts of stomach churning to some, but a delicious Northern accompaniment to fish fingers the other. Naturally most are the latter. So […]
Cate Le Bon, Gorilla, Manchester, Live
Negotiating an existence within any barren hamlet in the middle of a stark Welsh county would be arduous for most. A handful of hoary villagers content to play out the remainder of their days within the confines of the community church, tattered local shop and the nearest watering hole miles away as opposed to metres […]