By playing gigs you’re seen and heard by your current fan base, but social media gives you the opportunity to continue the conversation with fans when you’re not at a gig. It also allows random people to hear your music, find out more about you as well as making it easy for your music and gigs to be shared to a wider network.

Now there’s an abundance of social networks out there from MySpace to Facebook, but each has their own benefits. Now I’m not saying you need to be everywhere all the time as social media does require some time investment, but start with one and do it well. If you’ve already got a personal profile on Facebook then it makes sense to start with a social channel you’re already familiar with and if you’re not familiar with Facebook, then check here for some basic info on page features. Start by creating a band/artist page and get all your basic info in, remember to add links to your website (if you have one) if you don’t, see this as your new website.

The purpose of your Facebook page is to tell a story, hence why you have a timeline just like a personal profile. When I find a new band or act, I don’t just want to hear their music, I want to hear everything about them, from how they met, what they listen to, what inspires them or even makes them laugh. You may say you just want people to hear your music and that’s it, but why do you think magazines, TV/radio and websites are filled with interviews, that because people want to know more, and knowing more makes you feel in some way more connected.

Before you start sharing you page with your friends, build the content up so there’s actually something for them to look at when they get there. When did your band get together, add it in and think of it as your birthday. This something you can then encourage your fans to celebrate with you at a special gig every year maybe. Now backdate your page with content such as photos, videos from gigs, album artwork, links to interviews if you’ve already done some or even just pictures of the band having a pint together. It’s really easy to back date a post, simply write the post and then click the little clock in the bottom left of the post and say when it happened.

Now you’ve filled your page with some content, share it with all you friends. You’re only asking for a simple ‘Like’ and for every ‘Like’ you get, that’s going to appear on yours friends page, where their friends may see it and potentially click on it and even better maybe ‘Like’ your page too.

There’s two important metrics on Facebook which will help your page to grow, they are Reach and Engagement. The more you engage, the wider you can reach. Engagement simply means someone interacts with your content, so this includes at a very basic level liking, commenting on or sharing your posts/content. Reach is pretty self-explanatory its how many people have seen your post/content.

Here’s an example… You’ve posted a picture from the gig you played last night on your Band/act Facebook page. As a fan of your band/act, I was at that gig and I’ve seen you’ve uploaded a pretty cool looking photo. Naturally I want to tell people I was at that gig and I’m going to do this by sharing your photo on my own personal profile (I’ve engaged with your content). Your photo is now on my personal profile and it links back to your page, yet now all my friends can see this content, not just the people who have liked your page. My friends have similar tastes in music to me and look at the post I’ve made (your content has now reached X amount of my friends), if they think the content I’ve shared is interesting they’ll likely ‘Like’ or ‘comment’ on it (now you’ve engaged with X of my friends) and when they ‘Like’ or ‘comment’ their friends see this and so on.

Great content is how you grow your Facebook fan base. You can then tell your fans when you’re playing  your next gig and hopefully become more connected to them and get them to bring more friends to your gigs. Now go and think about content that you can post 3-4 times a week which would get ‘Likes’ Comments’ or ‘Shares’. By being social you can be seen and heard by more people. Have some fun with it, you’re just showing people what you do and what interests you but via a social platform.


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